At Fision, we are committed to change the way the apparel industry of the future operates. Our origins as a team of engineers out of the ETH in Zurich has given us a 'technology-first' approach to developing our products. We use the latest technology to build products to enable our corporate clients to better serve their end consumers.

We believe our future is realized through the hard work of our visual computing, computer graphics and AI specialists, where we are constantly looking for innovation, but to make that innovation robust.


Fision's Future

"We enable everyone to connect to the world through their virtual body."

Ferdinand Metzler, Founder & CEO


Fision was founded in June 2015 by a team of ETH engineers based in Zurich. Our CEO, Ferdinand, had just spent an exchange semester in Hong Kong where he discovered the issues plaguing the apparel industry; high return rates, inconsistent sizing methods, lack of knowledge of the customer appearance. After returning home, he united a small team of engineers and started the development of what would later become the foundation of our body scan technology.

From these humble beginnings, we are now a 25 person-strong team in our Zurich Headquarter, with an additional 10 R&D team in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our R&D team consists of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, visual computing, computer graphics and fabric simulation. It is these people that push forward the development of our innovative technologies and make us the company we are today.