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Transform your collection to 3D

At Fision we believe that the apparel industry will experience a transformation from 2D to 3D. Progress in 3D technologies and improved processing power of portable devices means consumers will demand increasingly interactive content along the customer journey. We enhance the customer shopping experience by providing fully interactive and engaging high quality 3D content instead of 2D pictures.

This 3D content can be used for B2C or B2B digital showrooming, digital shelf extension and AR applications. Our technology is able to utilize CAD fashion design software content or create 3D clothing models using 360 degree product shots to display it in a personalized, integrated environment. We supplement the supply chain with 3D content from design to customer with an end-to-end solution.

From creation to exploration of 3D content

1. Create

Use the 3D content generated in the creative design process from your 3D CAD fashion design software and upload 3D clothing models to the Fision Platform for an automatic conversion to a user-ready format. If the design process is done in 2D that’s okay too, create true-to-life 3D clothing models from 360 degree product shots by uploading the images to the Fision Platform and our Multi-View Stereo technology will do the rest.

2. Highlight

Highlight the stand-out design features of your products on the 3D models by defining the key product feature points using our web-based 3D editor. Showcase your value proposition and variation to customers and digitally extent your shelf by offering color alternatives.

3. Integrate

Easlily integrate the 3D models with an iframe into your website. Give customers content that allows them to interact, engage, explore and understand the value of your products in a playful manner.

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Augmented Reality

Utilize 3D content across multiple channels, including Augmented Reality! Allow your customers to fully emmerce themselves in a new digital medium and experience garments as if they were in front of them. cobime these models with personalized body avatars for our 3D virtual dressing room experience. If you are curious how you can leverage this new feature on your iOS 12 powered mobile device then click here.

Fully-interactive customer experience

Fully-interactive customer experience

True-to-life 3D clothing models

True-to-life 3D clothing models

Multi-functional 3D database

Multi-functional 3D database