Virtual Dressing Room

Virtually dress your personal 3D body avatar

Give customers the opportunity to virtually dress their personal 3D body avatars in a fully interactive 3D virtual dressing room. This omnichannel dressing solution allows customers to not just explore size & fit but also to assess different outfits on their 3D body avatar in real time.

This bridges the the gap between the real and online world brings online shopping to a new level. At Fision we combine technologies from visual computing, fabric simulation and artificial intelligence to allow for a real time simulation and bring our virtual dressing room solution to life.

From mobile 3D body scan to virtual try-on

1. Mobile 3D Body Scan

Enable your customers to create their personal 3D body avatar with the Fision mobile 3D body scan app.

2. 3D Clothing Models

Fision helps you to create 3D clothing models from 360 degree product shots or utililizes 3D clothing models from CAD fashion design software.

3. Integrate

Easlily integrate the 3D virtual dressing room with an iframe into your website. Now the personal 3D body avatar is combined with the 3D clothing data. The physical simulation of the 3D clothing models on the personal body is taking place on the Fision platform while the output is streamed in real time into the dedicated iframe on your website.

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Augmented Reality

The 3D models feeding our virtual dressing room are in line with the open industry standards. These 3D models can either be used in dedicated applications or can be dispayed within mobile browsers. Thanks to features like AR Quick Look it is now even possible to view 3D content from within Safari using iOS 12. If you are curious how you can leverage this new feature on your iOS 12 powered mobile device then have a look here.

Runs in browsers

Runs in browsers

Switch clothing models and sizes

Switch clothing models and sizes

Simulate on a personal 3D body avatar

Simulate on a personal 3D body avatar