Connect to the world through your virtual body

We at Fision believe that the clothing and fashion industry will undergo enormous structural change in the coming years. New concepts will be introduced to operate more sustainable while increasing speed to market but moreover shopping experiences will be change, especially in ecommerce. At Fision we are building and operating Software-as-a-Service solutions that are addressing the challenges of the apparel industry.

We enable our corporate clients to reduce return rates, digitize supply chains and deliver a completely new, interactive and personalized 3D shopping experience to their customers. We work with leading brands and retailers as well as with leading companies in the area of employee outfitting and textile leasing. Our product portfolio offers mobile 3D body scanning, size recommendation, a virtual showroom and a virtual dressing room.

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Mobile 3D Body Scan

Our mobile 3D body scanning solution provides highly accurate body measurements on par with high quality 3D body scanners while requiring only two pictures. Based on the two pictures we reconstruct a personal 3D body avatar which is used in our size recommendation system and can be uploaded to the virtual dressing room. Our mobile app is deployable as in-store or at home solution and is easy to integrate in any online shop. More...

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Size Recommendation

Help customers find their right size. The Fision size recommendation uses state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to compare body information, collected from our mobile 3D body scan, with clothing information to help customers find their best fitting size. More...

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Virtual Showroom

We create new, or leverage existing 3D garment content to create a fully interactive and immersive 3D shopping experience. Our technology can be used for a multi channel customer experience, enabling augmented reality applications and a virtual dressing room. More...

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Virtual Dressing Room

Our Virtual Dressing Room gives customers the opportunity to try clothes on their body, virtually. By combining the customers' personalized 3D body avatar, uploaded with the Fision mobile 3D body scan application, with 3D clothing from the 3D virtual showroom, we create a fully interactive virtual dressing room experience. This allows customers to not just explore size & fit but also to assess different outfits on their 3D body avatar in real time. More...


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